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Ruth McCrea
New York, USA
Niece of John McCrea.
Trip was so memorable. Gillian and I are so glad we decided to go. Well, worth it for memory of a lifetime.
Your work to put it together, and contribution and conduct while hosting were just amazing. Truly first class in quality and so patient and friendly in tone.
A. Hall
Alison Farrer was very ready to assist and knowledgeable, professional and thorough. I'm so glad I found her.
Stuart Holms
Delighted with information obtained with clear guidelines and hints on how to take on some further research on my own.......................if the mood takes me!
Very happy with the clearly presented final file, showing sources of information with photocopies of relevant supporting documents.
Overall the main issues and questions relating to my family which I had raised were addressed quickly, efficiently and economically in a very pleasant manner.
I therefore have no reservations in recommending Alison, if you are looking into your family history.
Mhairi Nardini
Alison was my resource to create my husband's familiy tree as a birthday gift and from the start Alison displayed great reassurance in her knowledge and the different services that she could offer. She took time to explain to me the range of data that I could receive and a clear outline of time and costs.
Alison kept in touch with me through the process to provide updates and I was so pleased with the end result. We were given all of the information collected and it has allowed us to explore some more on new areas of our family history that were not known to us. She instills a passion for her work and our final get together was great to "chew the fat" as we say in Scotland and for her to provide us with any final words of help for further investigation into our family tree.
Many thanks Alison - it's been great to get the complete picture and you are a pleasure to do business with.

Mhairi Nardini
Claire Ammon
Connecticut, USA
I contacted Alison Farrer to find Scottish heirs to a US estate and worked with her over several months to help flesh out a large family tree. She used birth, marriage, death and census records and when additional information was needed was more than willing to contact and visit local relatives. Her diligence was apparent in the in-depth reports and charts she provided, which were clear and easy to follow. She was very responsive to my emails and patient in answering my questions. She has been a real pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her to others needing assistance in Scotland.
Gordon Shank
San Francisco, California
I found Alison online. Staying within the guidelines and budget I provided she did an excellent job researching my gg grandfather and his family. I would highly recommend Alison to anyone looking for help. It has been my experience in situations like this that the scope of work can begin to creep. That was not the case with Alison. She kept me advised. Worked efficiently. Made suggestions or recommendations for me to pursue and found and shared some interesting information. On every aspect of the assignment she exceeded my recommendations!
Renal Support Group
Crosshouse Hospital
Alison, Thank you so much for coming along to our meeting and sharing your knowledge of this interesting topic. Many thanks.
Morag Welsh
Hamilton, South Lanarkshire
Many thanks to Alison for helping me to find the burial place of my 3x great grandfather's burial in St Pancras cemetery, Middlesex in 1867. Alison was at the Deceased Online stand at WDYTYA at the SECC last month. Alison was so patient and searched 19 'possibles' before accessing my ancestor's burial place and date. I have been looking for years to find this information and am very grateful for her help.
Carol Donelan
Minnesota, USA
Alison is an outstanding genealogical researcher; if the evidence is there, she will find it. Trustworthy, professional, friendly service. Highly recommended.
Nan Johnstone
Dear Alison

I really have to let you know of the pleasure your work has given me and my family. My cousin is delighted that you got so far. Alison, all the pleasure keeps spreading out and it's not finished yet. I am sure your other clients would say the same. Alison, you are a lovely caring lady and it adds to our lives to have met you and the good work you are doing. Kindest regards Nan
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