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Alexandros Papageorgiou
Thank you very much for the detailed report, I must say that it contains a level of academic ethos that far exceeds all other genealogical reports that I have received in the past.
John McCrea
Winter Park, Florida
Alison - I write to comment on your recent genealogical services to me and my family. When I began planning for another trip to Scotland, I knew that I needed help to go beyond what I had accomplished - and more professional, in order to assist with my current family plans.
I referred on-line to the Association of Professional Genealogists, to be assured of the credentials that I wanted in a Genealogist, and then chose by the area of my interest. When I had your name and contact information, I could not have guessed what a treasure I was about to have - in a person so well trained and experienced in Ayrshire genealogy and family history.
From our first contact, you and I have now worked together for more than six months, and in every goal I have had, you have provided just exactly what was needed. Sometimes that was done by confirming what WAS NOT available, which was also important.
In addition to our many e-mails in both directions, your monthly reports have always been well written and informative - reporting your research efforts along with the findings from each. With your help I have been able to "fill in the blanks" in many aspects of my own previous efforts.
As I have given you first one goal and then another, you have been great in adapting to the changes - including your helpful suggestions for my latest family history project.
And you helped in so many other ways, as my family members had our weekend together, searching for our McCrae family heritage.
Thank you much - and I shall be pleased to recommend your services to any who are searching for their family roots.
With much appreciation,

John T. McCrea, Winter Park, Florida
S Murray
Your expertise on Genealogy Research is second to none.
Anyone out there thinking of doing a Family History search should contact Alison, for her help and advice was superb.
Thank you so much for guiding me to follow the right direction.
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